Except for my huge passion for opera and music, another aim of mine is to create and produce content that makes an impact on people.

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Old Work

I created this video in 2013. It is based on the libretto from one of the greatest arias of all time: Un Bel di Vedremo | One fine day, from the opera Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini. It’s an interesting and tragic piece where a woman states that she is waiting for her love to arrive. She waits for so long and kills herself at the end of the opera. I have been thinking about this piece for a long time. It is a piece I love and detest, both at once. The music makes me cry out of happiness for its beauty, yet the libretto tells me something about the inequality in this world that never seems to end. A woman’s destiny is to be put on hold. I thought this opera was an opera about strong, passionated emotions. About loving someone. Then one day, I looked at it with new eyes: it was an opera about destructiveness and destructiveness only. Love is not unrequited.

Project created and edited by Ellinor Olmarken

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